Science – Rock Cycle Project

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Science – Rock Cycle Project


Jaylen Ferguson

Science- Rock cycle Project

        My name is Bob the mineral rock. My journey started as an igneous rock. I was living in a magma chamber in a volcano. The volcano overflowed and I found myself sliding down slowly against the side of the volcano. I was heating up and melting very fast. My friend Ed went below the surface without crystallizing and became an intrusive rock. As for me, I was crystallized and became an extrusive rock. I stayed on the surface. I started cooling down from the magma and solidification took place, which changed me into an igneous rock.

A year went by, just as I thought I have found a new home by the sea shore. The water caused weathering to happen by breaking down my rocky body into small pieces of sediment rocks. As the night falls, the air became cold, which turned the water into ice and the wind caused an erosion to happen. I was transported and deposed to another place by the ice, water, and wind to the Alps Mountains.

The next couple of months, I traveled down to the bottom of the Alps Mountains.  I have notice my rocky body compacting with minerals and dissolving into me. Then, cementation took place as my rocky sediment body got  bigger and bigger by sticking together with many of the particles of sand, shells, pebbles and other fragments of material from the sea shore that were stuck onto me. Afterwards, I transformed into a sedimentary rock.

As weathering and erosion happened again, I laid in the bottom of the river and slowly moving by the wind and water current back to the sea shore. As the heat of the sun beaming on me causing a high temperature and other sandstones layering on top of me, I was buried deep beneath the earth’s surface causing pressure. This caused a metamorphic change, which cause me to form new minerals into an Amethyst quartz rock deep within the mines of France.

In conclusion, my journey as a mineral rock was very memorable. I could always turn back into an igneous rock but as for now, I think I will stay as an Amethyst quartz, depending on my color and size I could be very valuable.