Social Inequality

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Social Inequality

           All men are created equal no matter their ages or where they are from in life. Aging and inequality is a big issue in the African American society in United States, as well as in other countries. Such has always been an argument of urgency with on the importance of aging transformation, Low income, health care, social assistance, isolation/abuse, discrimination, retirement. What is your topic? Why did you choose it?  

Aging inequality is sociologically important because certain people have different points of views on the topic depending upon the way they see those of advanced age functioning in the community. Inequality has existed since the world began. Although the United States differs from other nations, the urgency of accordes the elderly has always been open over to argument. Health care affects not only aging adults but all individuals and families as well. The author said: “The property income of households headed by elderly persons rapidly increased, both absolutely and as a share of their total income” ( Danzier & Gottschalk 1995).This matter has been well known, people in the community should have a solution to that problem so that everybody could have an equal share and a better life.   

Major changes have occurred in society because of these trends. The author said:  “Growing down” “Slow down” (Macionis 2013: 119) How aging can transform someone’s life for the rest of their existence. What? Explain how? It is explained how the importance of learning of aging tends to gradually decrease and physically reduced mental effect, and life changes that take place throughout life. People’s faces and looks started to transform, most of the wealthy women tried to spend more money to improve their looks. After a certain time, growing old is just a normal biological process of life. Hair turns gray and falls out and the skin slowly loses elasticity.

Relative to the types of methodologies, the author states: “Sociologists conduct research to help us to understand the needs and problems of the elderly population in the United states. The evidence shows that elderly in our society are socially quite diverse.” (Macionis 2013:121).  People want someone to conduct research on topic such as abuse, neglect and injuries. “According to the federal government, half of all cases of elder abuse involve neglect of older people who cannot care for themselves.”(Macionis 20013:126).  Those injuries can be easily treated but they take more time to cure because of poor circulation. Illnesses are more common among elderly people because of slow metabolism rates.

The sociological perspectives that could address the topic speak to how elderly people can really enjoy their lives. One expert stated: “Well-being also reflects life–style and personal choices that are available to anyone: factors such as regular exercise, not smoking cigarettes, limiting use of alcohol all contributes to good health for people of any age”(Holmes & Holmes, 1995; Medina,1996). (Macionis 2013:119). When people exercise regularly, don’t smoke or drink alcohol, they definitely live better lives and contribute to their own good health.

Sociologically, research in the social sciences defines the lives of people of all ages differently. “ Relative income inequality Income of relative contribution to total inequality indicated that, for the total sample and each household type labor income and investment income contributed more than their shares to total inequality, while pension, Social Security, and other income contributes less than shares to total inequality.” (Table 4, Colum 4).( publication 1996.) ( ProQuest 6.) People can make many choices in their lives especially with their money. They can enjoy the sun and they can travel all over the world, can yet live in a reasonably confortable way. Many others are living with low incomes and don’t have that opportunity. Their only choice is to stay close to or live with their families for economic reasons.