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Social Psychology

Social psychology



Alice Eagly has worked on several topics during her period doing the psychology studies. She talked much about prejudice, sex differences, leadership styles and also feminism. She talked not only about gender differences and stereotype but also she did talk about the idea of prejudice. She talked much about gender discrimination and stereotypes.

Alice talked about stereotype by saying that society views one social group role to be exclusive that is to be limited to a certain group in particular and that going out venturing could not be a successful endeavor.

She explains the idea further to show that the traits attributed to the group are not necessarily negative but different from what the assumptions are of the group. Alice talked about the sex differences. sex differences can be in a situation where most women are the victims. sex difference is encountered most especially in leadership where women do not get favored when it comes to getting some jobs. Her research focuses on the feminist ideas and upward mobility in both the place of work for women and their traditional roles that women should maintain.

Her research on what she calls a lack of fit in workplaces employment, which focuses on the idea of being inappropriate. During her research, she said that the labor of division between men and women, she suggests that men and women were constrained to certain roles. She saw that mate preferences could be changed by asking the mates to shift themselves in marital roles. Alice found out that despite the changing of mates, and the changing of marital role, it could not eliminate the gender differences since women looked for greater earning potential in a mate compared to her research she also found out that the educated women experienced inequality at their working stations despite their experience.