Soldiers Home Lit Analysis

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Soldiers Home Lit Analysis

English Comp 101

 “Soldier’s Home” Literary Analysis Paper

        “Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway is a short story explaining a life about a solider that comes home from war and feels removed from his home life. Hemingway writes this story to explain how conformity is a problem that Krebs has to deal with and how a soldier has many different conflicts with in himself and coming home from war. The theme of conformity is shown through out the story in many different ways.

        In “Soldier’s Home” the main character Krebs is expected to conform to what society thinks is best. Staring out the story Hemingway explains that Krebs went to a Methodist college where “His fraternity brothers all of them wearing exactly the same height and style collar” which is the start conformity, by all the fraternity dressing in the same manner. Society often thinks that fraternity brothers are all the same they are all there for the same reasons. The text also tells us that Krebs enlisted in the marines in 1917, which shows that he conformed to what society wanted they wanted men to go fight and help out in the war and it shows that he gave in to conformity because he was home 2 years later.