Space Odyessey Essay Research Paper 2001 SPACE

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Space Odyessey Essay Research Paper 2001 SPACE

Space Odyessey Essay, Research Paper


After watching this film, a batch of it is really

confounding to me and is truly difficult for me to understand.

You truly have to believe about what is being said in the

film to acquire a good apprehension of the points that the

manager is seeking to acquire across. I would truly wish to

acquire a professors position of the film to acquire a better

apprehension. Throughout this paper I am traveling to give a

small reappraisal of the film and discourse interesting facts

that I thought were helpful and appealing.

The beginning of the film was reasonably eldritch I thought.

I wasn? T used to a film without any spoken words.

Throughout the whole film the music is normally playing the

function as the talker or communicator. I thought this portion

was really interesting that the music is the nexus between the

audience and what they are sing. Space Odyssey Begins

with a group of apes that show how they feel and their

personality through their motions and sounds they are

doing. I didn? Ts truly understand this portion but I think

when the ape picked up the animate being bone and shattered the

skeleton it was a portion of his larning experience. I

Juco 2

believe that the ape was in the procedure of acquisition and

accommodating to his s

urroundings by the manner his actions were.

He so uses the the bone as an onslaught method to kill

another ape.

The film so moves to the universe of human existences that

exist. This was the most interesting portion of the film I

idea. How the manager makes everything expression so existent

and interesting. The portion in the film when a adult male has to

utilize a voice designation to verify who he is. Besides the

same adult male goes and uses a phone where you can see the other

single and you don? t even have to keep anything up to

your ear. Technology in this film I thought was brainsick.

Some of the material, like the seeable telephone I thought was

cool but some of the other engineering seemed so normal in

the film but when I think of it, it feels as a 2nd

nature to me.

What I thought was brainsick about this film was Hal. Hal

is a computing machine system which can talk to its user. I

couldn? T understand how this computing machine reasonably much has

control over the people in the infinite ship. I think it is

truly interesting that the computing machine system could make so

much. This film illustrated to me how of import engineering

and computing machines are to the universe as a whole. How you can

reasonably much live your whole life in a room with a computing machine.

The possibilities are eternal with a computing machine at your