Spender Essay Research Paper The Martian Chronicles

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Spender Essay Research Paper The Martian Chronicles

Spender Essay, Research Paper

The Martian Chronicles, written by Raymond Bradbury, is a book that discusses s what might go on if Tellurians were to seek to colonise Mars. There were four expiditions by Tellurians to Mars. The first three expiditions were destroyed by Martians who were jeolous or who were afraid of being colonized. The 4th expedition was different. There were no hostile Martians or any Martians at all. The work forces sent out a hunt and discovered that the Martians had been wiped out by poulet syphilis, presumablyy transmmited by a previuos expedition. One adult male aboard the forth expedition named Jeff Spender was horified at this tradjedy. He felt that Earthmen should non colonise Red planets because they already destroyed the race, they will so destruct the planet. He dreamed of salvaging the planet by himself, but was subsequently killed for his beliefs.

Spender was a archaeologist, so he already had a sense to continue the yesteryear. He felt that Earhtmen have a inclination to destruct things, even though they may be unwilled. When Spender saw a whole race of people who were wiped out by a pestilence brought over by another race, he felt that Mars would be a much safer topographic point if Tellurians were to ne’er populate it. For ex

ample, a character named Gibbs took six empty gin bottles to a canal and dumped so in. Spender was outraged at this that he punched him right in the dentition. Spender could non understand how Gibbs was so disrespectful to Mars after larning that Earthmen killed an full race.

Spender left for a hebdomad and no 1 knew where or why he had left. Whilehe was gone he thought of a program to salvage Mars. Spenders program of salvaging Mars was about impossible. He decieded the lone manner to salvage Mars was to kill the work forces that were already at that place and so kill all of the expedition that would come in the hereafter. After killing a manus full of work forces he realized this was non traveling to work. He decided to speak to Captain Wilder who was the lone adult male that understood why he was angry. He asked the Captain to halt Tellurians from coming or at least detain the coloniation. There is no manner he could halt the ships from Earth when they find out all the Martians were dead. Since Wilder was non traveling to assist and his program was traveling to neglect, Spender tried to travel back to killing the work forces. The work forces had him cornered and were ready to kill him. Wilder gave him thirty seconds to get away or he would hit him. Spender did non travel and Wilder shot him one time in the thorax.