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Table of  Content

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Personal learning outcome
  4. Conclusion
  5. Recommendation

1.Executive Summary:

I started this thrilling journey on the first week of September with a pre-assignment on communication styles back then I wasn’t expecting all the invaluable knowledge that was waiting for me in the next two weeks. We were asked for this BCSS final report to be our last step toward the improvement of our communication and reflect what we learned from the two-days seminar, the group work and the satori moments. Furthermore, this report is aiming to show that by now I’m able to apply in real life situation what I grasped during the whole journey.


“The single biggest problem with communication … is the illusion that is has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

We went on the 15th of September to attend our first day of the two weeks seminar with two Professionals from the NxtGen company. From the first moment it was obvious that we will have to analyse and improve my communication skills through theoretical information followed by hands-on experience and feedback. So now that the whole experience is finished I should be able to summarize all what I personally learned individually or when working with groups, considering all advices and feedback from the best communication professionals that i could’ve learned from and reflect how I can use this outcome. All , in  all the following report it will be all about how was my road to become a better communicator.