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Swot Singapore Airlines Essay


• Singapore international air hose civilization is a corporate civilization. their corporate civilization promote the labor to better cabin services. The employee brotherhoods are clearly stabled in their work. They classified their employees brotherhoods harmonizing their employment. Company civilization leads the SIA to acquire the competitory advantage. Harmonizing to businessweek. com Michael Tan. SIA’s Senior Executive Vice-President ( Commercial ) ’s statement their company civilization is viing in the selling lead forepart. • The Singapore airline’s image and repute are shown high impact on the people in Singapore and the riders who are from world-wide locations love to wing on the SIA. This is strength of the company. Their services toward their regular clients are encouraged the people to exchange it back to SIA.

• Structure of the SIA is strong plenty. They are holding subsidiaries’ this wills to give more net incomes and they formed subordinates in Singapore out of Singapore. They are supplying non merely passengers transporting services but besides they are supplying lading services. around eight states. SIA has to the full owned no frill air hose services. These constructions are keeping the SIA’s market portion in high degree. • Employees are the plus of their strategic. They are recruited from the planetary labour markets. The pilots besides recruited from the planetary markets. Around 30000 specialized in their Fieldss. SIA is acquiring high effectual and efficient work from their employees. • They have established hubs and subordinates in many states it is strength of pull offing their resources effectual and efficiency. It will increase the net income of SIA.

• SIA has the strong experience of more than 50 old ages from the beginning of the MSA. Experience is besides strength of SIA. Because it is widely known its services in clip based. It will hold good experience direction and directors. Experience came up with new thoughts to fulfill their clients. • Online ticket booking cut down the operational cost. For instant it will cut down the cost forming bureau offices and sellers cost. It will widely cover the people. Customers no demands to seek for SIA office merely chink and book the ticket.

• SIA has a large operational capacity it is strength of the company. It has hub in Singapore and widely giving its services to many states and acquire more income. It will acquire fuels in from its subsidiaries’ which are located in other states. Because gasoline cost in Singapore is high. It will cut down the operational cost. • SIA market portion study in 2002 December is 18. 47 per cent. Recent study is about 25 per cent. The growing of the market portion is strength. • No linguistic communication dependant in Asiatic part client services. So people who are in Asiatic part like travel on SIA. because of their good client services. It builds the SIAs market portion in Asiatic part. • SIA won many awards.


• Less moral among different staff. their company civilization they classified staff brotherhoods harmonizing to their employments. Different brotherhood have different moral. For an instant harmonizing to the concern article. a staff was slapped by another staff in forepart of many riders. It will take to labour brotherhood work stoppage. • Their air port location is a failing because. It is high security and a busy airdrome. High revenue enhancement and high punishment for hold takeoff. It leads the operational cost high. • Online selling system has a job did non give the clear direction of the locations. Majority of people search the location harmonizing to the state non metropolis. For instant I am traveling to see to Malaysia this is my first journey to Malaysia and first clip I am traveling to book online on SIA. I’ll hunt Malaysia foremost. But the engagement they merely placed Kulau lumpur. So this online booking merely support to the regular clients it doesn’t support new circular.

Analyzing external factors

• Singapore people are believing SIA is their plus. they are noticing on SIAs failing and they are giving their ain thoughts to better client services. For an blink of an eye. harmonizing to concern intelligence. a Singaporean rider flies on SIA she found a job Singapore miss ( cabin crews ) they have linguistic communication dependant on communicating. She comment to the direction. due to her argument direction came up with a solution. when they recruit the miss they clearly select the miss they have no linguistic communication dependance in Asia part. • SIA makes partnership with many universe top hotels. recognition card companies and Telecommunications Company. For instant KrisFlyer members who are besides Samsung recognition cardholders. Car rental companies. What is the advantage is they are traveling to give combined services to the clients. There are two chances client will acquire advantages and these companies will acquire regular clients. SIA will acquire same net income and giving quality services to its regular clients.

• Singapore authorities policy is an chance to SIA. High revenue enhancement for AirAsia coach which are transporting riders from Johor air port. This is an chance for SIA. because AirAsia planned to cut down it operational cost through landing in johor. It will cut down the high revenue enhancement to set down on Singapore airdrome. If they cut down their operational cost they can cut down the travellers cost. This will draw down the SIAs Asiatic part market portion. • So the authorities policy increases the operational cost of the AirAsia. This is an chance the SIAs market portion maintain turning in Asiatic part.

• The two major taking commercial aircraft makers known as viz. Airbus and Boeing are power full providers to the SIA. What are the opportunities’ SIA a will acquire from it. The clients of the SIA will fulfill with the flights. SIA will acquire the high quality. high engineering flights to lounge in the service in first. • World widely they are acquiring political supports educated people support because “SIA pattern good corporate citizenship actively through the support of humanistic disciplines. athleticss and educational enterprises. both locally and overseas. They besides committed to assisting the privileged. patronizing plan for the needy. affecting handicapped and protesting environment” . It is chance to SIA. • Free media promotion. Singapore international air won many awards. It urges the journalist to compose about SIA.


• Its chief rivals are Cathay Pacific Hong Kong air hose. Japan air hose. and Malayan air hose. their new innovations and new policy and their publicities towards Asiatic people cut down the growing of SIAs market portion. Even though the no – frill air hoses are catching their clients from SIA. For an instant AirAsia and the Johor airdrome. AirAsia planned to set down on Johor and it decide to transport their rider by coach from Johor to Singapore. It will cut down the operational cost and they can catch more clients from Asiatic part and Australia.

• Singapore International Airline has many subordinates universe broad. They are invested widely. For instant think of Sri Lanka. their economic system is traveling down and down because of the war. This will impact the invested companies in Sri Lanka. The instability of the economic system will take deficiency of storage advantages. For instant oil storage. the oil monetary value is non in stable. it is traveling up and down. can non hive away oil/ fuel. and high inquiries from the providers. • Introducing new engineering will take operational cost and staff preparation cost. • Government revenue enhancement. they are paying high revenue enhancement and high punishments for hold are really dearly-won it makes the return little and flying monetary value pre stat mi will increase. • The international economic system non stableness is a yarn to SIA. War in Iraq hit the oil monetary value. The economic system falling will demo non stable pricing for winging per stat mi. It will take the people unhappy with the company.