System Of An Economic Movement

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System Of An Economic Movement

In a society of capitalism, we only look out for ourselves. We see only what we want and need to survive in this American lifestyle. It comes to a point where we become greedy and heartless. It is now time that we make an economic change in the way we live. It is time for us to look out for each other and realize that if we all had the same things or got what ever we wanted but worked for it, we can all be satisfied and not economically disadvantaged.

In fact not only will we be crushing down the oppression of society (the rich) we would also be bringing up the poor to a level of status. In this case Id like to introduce our character for this proposal, Joe Shomoe. Joe works at an out of town Chilis restaurant. He gets minimum wage, lives in a studio downtown with his friend, and also works part-time at the liquor store down the street.
Joe constantly needs to battle with his money in order to get the things that he wants and needs. Joe learns about a new economic movement through friends. They tell him its what this society needs and that people all around are getting into it so that they can survive this world with less struggle. Joe, is not impressed and cares not to join the cult as he would refer to it but months later he notices his friends money gain and smarter outlook on life. His friend says to Joe: Listen Joe you are caught in a system where you are being fooled. You are looking only for what you need. There are people out there just like us, tired, hungry, upset, most of all there are children too. They are dying. Please give it a shot. Reluctantly Joe gave in and decided to give it a test run, and here we go.

Joe first went through a questionnaire process. It asked all the general questions, name, age, where are you from, and so forth. It then asked his salary and living space and with whom. Joe finished the questionnaire and turned it into the staff. Now was time for his introductory meeting with his new lifestyle. A long black haired, soft speaking, ethnic lady spoke.

My name is Norma Iianes. I started this system when I was 23 years old. I was poor living on the street and hopeless. I soon got help from Lauras Home, which rehabilitates drug addicts off the street. Luckily they accepted me because I wasnt a drug addict and I wasnt to there status. But it was here where I seen these beautiful angels, realize that life happens and in order to live it they must help themselves, together. I never seen anything like it.
Things happened on a count of the people around the drug addicts. They would some how get food to feed them with. Clothing to clothe them with. Everything there was a blessing for people who didnt have anything. But it wasnt always the staff who helped them out it was each of them who had a task. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, or doing laundry. They also gained interpersonal skills and technology skills by people who would come in to volunteer.

As I somehow got myself to look gain hope and gain a full strength of unbreakable power I came to with this system of our economy where we could defeat it and change it but not do it in a manner where they think we are cult people. So let me begin.

We all know that work is the one thing that keeps us busy, helps us mature, and give us an open mind about different subjects. While some jobs offer high and low pay, and not to mention the same workers all year round, my system hits them all hard with something they never thought would be possible. We are based on a system of rotation folks. No more hard breaking, back aching, pain of labor, in your low income jobs because now everyone gets a share of it. Not only that but now you are able to build up your knowledge in