Tax Advice and Remuneration Report

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Tax Advice and Remuneration Report

Tax Advice and Remuneration Report

Prepared for

Elizabeth Windsor


The aim this report is to inform Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor on the best beneficial format of her remuneration package with concerns to the different tax implications that may occur. Sandringham PLC is a large multinational company and by taking the job as their CEO, Mrs. Windsor has the opportunity to break down her ?700,000 package into a format that best suits her desires.

This report has factored into account the well being of Mrs. Windsor and her own interest in owning/driving cars. In addition, we have made suggestions regarding Mrs. Windsor’s possible travel packages, annual phone bills and meal plans.

Its believed that after reading this report, Mrs. Windsor would have a clearer idea on the different options available to her and understand the tax impact of the proposed solutions.

Suggested Remuneration Package





Pension Contribution

  • Employee contribution
  • Employer contribution



Company Car and add-ons


Mobile Phone and Bills (Annual)

?539.00+ ?600.00


Meal provision – ?10 per day

225 working days x ?10


Annual Function Cost


Business Travel – Bali

Return Ticket (first class) + Hotel

?6590+?1190 (7 nights)



?124 per month x 11 working weeks

?11364 per child x 4 kids