The Great Depression in to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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The Great Depression in to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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On September 1929. Andrew Mellon declared. “There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will go on. ” It made the people wonder. “Is this true? ” The people of Maycomb County. Alabama. had a long manner to recovery. Many are ungraded hapless. and others were pulled down along with them. During the depression period. “nickels and dimes were difficult to come by. ” ( 27 ) Shops closed down because of the diminution in economic system. Scout ( the supporter in To Kill a Mockigbird ) mentioned. “There was no haste. for there was nowhere to travel. nil to purchase and no money to purchase it with. nil outside the boundaries of Maycomb County. ” ( 6 ) All of Maycomb was affected in one manner or another by The Great Depression.

Of all of the people that were impacted. the husbandmans were influenced the most. Atticus clarified to Scout one time before that “He ( Walter ) had likely ne’er seen three quarters together at the same clip. ” ( 25 ) Farming was the lone manner that they could populate. During the depression. people kept their money to themselves and did non pass much on the agriculturalists’ merchandises. If cipher bought the nutrient. the husbandmans could non acquire any money. Therefore. the sum of money received by the husbandmans deteriorated. Atticus explained to Scout. “The Cunninghams are state folks. husbandmans. and the clang hit them hardest. ” ( 27 ) Since the husbandmans were hapless. professionally employed business communities. such as physicians. tooth doctors. and attorneies. were hapless every bit good.

( 27 ) Lookout asks. “Are we hapless Atticus? ” Atticus nodded. “We are so. ” ( 27 ) The husbandmans were the professionals’ chief clients. Since the agriculturists didn’t have money to pay for the service. the companies plummeted in footings of money. “As the Cunninghams had no money to pay a attorney. they merely paid us with what they had. ” ( 28 ) This was one manner hapless husbandmans could pay for the professional service. Apparently. Dr. Reynolds worked the same manner. He would non hold asked for their money. but for what they had had at manus. ( 28 ) Mr. Cunningham could hold gotten a WPA occupation ( Works Progress Administrations Job ) . but he wanted to “keep his land and ballot as he pleased” ( 27-28 ) . The Great Depression left many citizens of America in poorness and most unluckily. famishment. “Walter Cunningham’s face told us that he had hookworms. His absence of places told us how he got them. ”

( 25 ) Mr. Bob Ewell was excused from a regulation because his kids were hungering from poorness. The regulation was about runing out of season ; in Maycomb County. runing out of season was forbidden. ( 41 ) As seen. the Great Depression had impacted Maycomb County badly. The Great Depression had a big impact in Maycomb County. Alabama in To Kill a Mockingbird. Many people lost occupations and were dragged down to the poorness line. Some. such as husbandmans. were ungraded hapless. Food was scarce on tabular arraies. Children and grownups likewise died from famishment. Many offenses were committed during that clip because of the demand for money. Harper Lee clearly defines what the Great Depression was truly similar for all Americans during the unpleasant clip period through her impressive piece of literature.