The Long Drive: Will You Re-Up Next Year Dbq Essay

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The Long Drive: Will You Re-Up Next Year Dbq Essay

The Long Drive: Will You Re-Up Following Year?

A cow town is merely a town in which cowss were taken to set on railwaies. The lone job is. these towns are located in Kansas. about 1000 stat mis from Texas. a trip that normally takes up to 3 months. Because of this and H2O concerns. low wage. and deficiency of slumber. I. along with 2/3 of those on this year’s thrust. will non re-up for following year’s long thrust.

With the changeless concern of a afloat river. unable to be crossed. or a stampede of thirsty cattles as they sense H2O. I fear that I won’t re-up for this long journey. I will non re-up due to all of the pandemonium and danger from a stamped of cowss. in which my life could be taken as a stampeding cow tramplings me ( Document D ) . I’m besides terrified of meeting an experience likewise that of James Cook. where he encountered a flooded river in which he had to swim across ( Document E ) . But I fear that these two are non the lone grounds of me non fall ining once more following twelvemonth.

I besides wouldn’t like to re-up because of the deficiency of slumber. I remember how tired is was with 2 hours of slumber lost every individual dark due to holding to maintain ticker of cowss ( Document B ) and how Cook had to smear baccy juice into his eyes to remain awake ( Document E ) . With holding to maintain ticker on the cowss in instance of foraies or stampedes. I lost 2 hours of sleep each dark. doing it difficult to remain awake will on horseback ( Document B and E ) . But even with the problems with H2O and slumber. I still might’ve joined the long thrust once more if non for the low wage despite all of these problems.

With the wage of an mean cowpuncher being less than an mean school instructor ( Document B ) . I couldn’t fathom how I was paid less than a instructor when I worked so much harder and longer. I’ve decided non to make the long thrust once more because of merely acquiring paid $ 30 ( Document B ) . an sum non equal to the work it takes to make the long thrust.

Ultimately. I’ve decided non re-up for following year’s long thrust because my changeless concern about H2O. the deficiency of slumber I receive. and the low wage despite of it all. I find the occupation long. tiring. and soil without much
positive result. I will non re-up for the long thrust following twelvemonth.