The Tax Code Paper

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The Tax Code Paper

Andrew Elizavetsky

Professor Douglas Robertson

Pols 202


Flawed Tax Code


The tax code is meant to raise money and keep money for the US to use on needs for the people from the people. Even though the tax code does do that it is the tax code itself that causes crime, jobs and splitting headaches all over the country. It costs for the IRS and for the taxpayers. However, it gets more and more difficult because Congress is trying to bring in good things into the code which is good and there are a few of those like section 179. The only way to ix this is to flip it on its head and completely and drastically change the entire tax code.


The problem is that you must fill out all your tax forms which take minimum 7 hours, if you must fill out form 1040 22 hours according to the IRS and if you’re a business you could take 32 hours! Along with that if you mess up you find your mistake then start from there again which could take another few hours. That is a long time and that’s because the tax code is so complicated and its easier just to hire someone to do them for you then doing it all yourself. Since the code is so complicated there is tax evasion so not to cause yourself a headache (How long should it take to do my taxes).

In 2012 when the affordable care act came out it added another entire layer to the tax which is a complete disaster for average Americans. Now with the new addition to the tax code it adds, it’s the latest layer of complexity the tax code was extended 24 pages just for the ACA overview and has 19 pages for a guide of the penalties and 71 pages for the credits guide. This drives most people to tax practitioners or some professional to do their taxes which costs around $258 for an individual return. But this isn’t foolproof either, A 2014 investigation by the Government accountability office of 19 paid tax preparers found that most of them calculated incorrect refund amounts on sample returns (Our complicated tax code is crippling America).

In the code there is also a 37-page long guide to the earned income tax credit and the rules and regulations are so difficult to understand that the credits error rate is 27%, according to the IRS. That amounts to $18 billion of mistakes every year for just this one credit (Our complicated tax code is crippling America). Lost money isn’t the only effect of the complicated tax code but also the amount of time it takes to do all the taxes for individuals and businesses amounts to, 6.1 billion hours, which equals to $168 billion in lost man hours.

The people because of this, don’t trust that they pay a fair amount on their taxes. In a survey they found that 73% believe that the wealthy use means to avoid taxes that are unavailable to the not as wealthy. In 2012 the Taxpayer Advocate Service conducted a national survey of over 3,300 taxpayers who operate businesses as sole proprietors. And only 16% said they believe the tax laws are fair, and only 12% said they believe taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes. This is an extraordinary lack of trust in the system which is our tax code and it needs to be fixed so the average taxpayer and citizen believe they are doing something worthwhile and believe the government is using it to do things for them (Fishman on complicated impractical tax code).