Theology Reflection Paper

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Theology Reflection Paper

Joey Rossetti

Week 14 Nov. 27-Dec. 1

THE 3305

Pulling it all Together

        This course and semester has been an interesting one for me personally. A lot of epiphany and life realizations have come my way and I have to admit this course has had some effect on these happenings. I’ve become not only more self-aware but aware about my community, what’s going on around me, how my actions affect others, and my overall perception on life has altered—for the better of course.

        When I take a step back and really mentally think about myself I used to see a person who I thought was okay. Sure, on the surface to myself I seemed like everything was okay with no need for change. However, after some alone time this semester and the provocation of this course my mindset is not so comfortable with who I am (or was). I realized that I want to be a better person and not for myself—but for everyone around me and this world. I see myself as shallow and that will no longer be the case; the light has brighten the shadows of regret and negativity in my life and God is giving me strength to push forward.