This Execrable Town

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This Execrable Town

                                        This Execrable Town

An army of black clouds concealed the early morning sky and blocked out any rays of sunshine, desperately trying to peek through, with its dead shade. Surprisingly, it wasn’t raining in Pleasantville, but puddles still lay, spread out across the street, from last night’s rainfall. Anyone would assume that a village called Pleasantville would be pleasant, but in fact, it was a town that could only be described as grey. Litter floated around the street due to the crisp breeze, seeming to be on their own morning stroll, and nearby, a plastic bag flailed frantically, trying to escape the tree’s claw-like branches. It was then, that Detective Thomas Gareth got a call.

He rummaged through his pocket and pulled out his smart-phone, which he answered with a sigh

*        *        *

“It’s a peculiar one, Tom”, Detective Derrick Forbes shook his head. “No evidence. No leads. I’m truly stumped.” Forbes sighed. “We need your help.”

Thomas was taken aback – his help was never asked of from other detectives, nor his opinion. He was a 9 year old boy getting left out of the school’s soccer team, a loner schoolboy in amongst the popular jocks, but now, he felt like the top-man. It was silly that he felt honoured to work on a case, it was his job and something he should be doing everyday.

A slight smirk lay upon Thomas’ lips.

He inhaled deeply, “How will I be able to solve a case you can’t solve?”, he quizzed.

“Because you can. Believe it or not, I’ve been helping you. A petty detective that solves an unsolvable case? That’s pretty huge. It’ll make you look good, important people will notice and hey-ho, you’re Sherlock Holmes,” Forbes joked. “But in all seriousness, Tommy,  we’re partners”.

“Thank you, sir”, Thomas mumbled, baffled.

Forbes gripped Thomas’ hand and shook it. “Detective Gareth?”