Tuhao Golden Bicycle

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Tuhao Golden Bicycle

Is this a sound marketing strategy?

  1. Did the company choose the right customer value to offer?
  2. Did the company choose the right target consumer to offer such value?

Do a brief 5C analyses to support your argument

Who uses shared bikes?

Young people

With smart mobile phone and paying apps

Urban population


Casual riding

What do they value the service? (Current customer or competitors’ customer we want to steal)

To solve the last-mile-distance

To be provided affordable free or access to bicycles for short-distance trips in an urban area as an alternative to public transportation.

To reduce traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution

Convenient obtaining a mean of transportation

Easy to register, less guarantee fees and safe in providing personal data

A Membership plan with coupon

An app tells your fitness data after the riding

Who does Kuqi want to attract with this move? Why?

Young people seek novelty, the shiny golden color as a cool thing.

Chinese citizenship who culturally agree with the Golden Tuhao color.

Meet charing necessity with equipment of Haier wireles USB charging port

Motive is to differentiate from the shared bikes on the market and promote the brand Kuqi with an eye-catching color issue.

Company vision: Green travel, public service

Market condition: new player lately shown up in the share bike industry, the market shares are occupied greatly by Mobike and OFO.

Competition: Small firm compete with giant industry leader, charging a higher guarantee deposit and higher service fee hourly. Facing malicious rumors, the company without financing protection cannot bear the refunding application.

Company resources: Small fund, eye-catching brand promotion, bad strategy to release unreasonable product in comparison to zone population.