Turning Point Essay

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Turning Point Essay

Peoples ever say that in our lives. we commit merely one error and this will forever destroy us. It is something or some action or person that will do us repent everything that we have done in this life-time. But I say this is comparative to the individual sing it. They besides say that with age is wisdom. the older the individual is. the more mature and dependable he becomes because his experience speaks for these. Hence. the younger people lack the needful wisdom to make up one’s mind for a life-time of modeling a character that could defy all challenges and tests that the hereafter may convey. But I may hold something to turn out this otherwise.

Observing twenty-one old ages of my life here on Earth. I know I have been through the worst and the best of times. Although uncomparable to those experiences of other older. more mature people. I can state that I may hold been blessed to see a milepost that changed my life everlastingly. Other people may state that at this age. 21. I may non hold what life points or life experiences in order to do a determination that could do or interrupt me. but I know all I needed was one individual to believe in me. and he is now my hubby.

He may non be perfect. he may non be the ideal spouse in life. but I see manner beyond these. I have merely been with him for a twelvemonth. but my life was ne’er the same with him about. I was happy. for the first clip in my life I knew it was different. I knew that I would ne’er look at other work forces. nor would I desire to be with other work forces.

I envisioned my life to be merely with my hubby and cipher else. it’s him that I see turning old with me. And it’s astonishing how this vision made me recognize that I have non thought of any other work forces like this. I have non been able to see myself in the hereafter with grey hair and kids with other work forces. it was merely with my hubby. So after one twelvemonth of traveling steady with him. I said yes to his proposal to marry me. we were now engaged.

I could ne’er be happier. Blissful walks at the park. watching the sundown together. naming me merely to look into how I was making. directing me trifle gifts but I was satisfied with them. merely the mere sound of his voice makes my emphasis all go off. He is my best friend. I confide in him everything and I trust him with this information. He is father and my brother ; he loves me unconditionally. no affair how many times I make errors he has the bosom to forgive me and the psyche to bury these errors.

He is my counsellor. he tells me what he thinks I should in times of problems and he makes certain that I do the right thing. He is my banker. he gives me money when I am broke and does non add involvement. He is my knight-in-shining-armor. he rescues me when I hit rock underside. He is my soul mate. he can complete my sentences and he knows what I am believing even if I am non stating it out loud. I have ne’er been more comfy and at peace with my determination to get married him. And this could hold non been more perfect until the twenty-four hours we were married.

My matrimony was non excessive. but I was more than satisfied. I believe that I want this matrimony and I could non inquire for more. The twenty-four hours started with me fixing for my nuptials. I got my hair done and my make-up excessively. And while I was at that place. I saw flashbacks of how we foremost met at a party. and I ne’er would hold thought at that clip that he was the 1 for me.

My parents were non at easiness with my determination. stating that I am excessively immature and all that. but I did non desire this ground to go a soundless sorrow. so here I am turn outing them incorrect. It was a nice nuptials. the topographic point was full of colourful flowers and they were nicely and neatly designed. there were besides vocalists to finish the romantic scene that I have imagined of all time since I was a immature miss.

It has been five old ages of all time since my nuptials took topographic point. and I am still a hopeless romantic. They say that five old ages into the matrimony and love affair dies already. but I guess I’m one of the few lucky 1s that can maintain the fire alive and firing. This matrimony has been everything that I thought it would be. Companionship. passion. dedication. difficult work. and most of all forbearance. trust. and understanding. There is no easy manner to populate and to love. and I must state that beguiling school work. family work. and matrimony work into one.

Marriage is a womb-to-tomb committedness of service. gratitude and friendly relationship. We chose who we want to make this with. and it is non a determination that we do overnight. I believe that this is the turning point in my life. a milepost that I will retrieve everlastingly. From a immature miss who does non transport any duty to a adult adult female who is reliable and trusty. my whole life has changed and this is for the better. It is non easy. but I have my hubby to care and to back up me. to do me happy in malice of all the bad things go oning around us.

He is my parallel existence. When I am with him I do non experience any force per unit area. I feel contentment and peace. I feel loved and blessed to hold him with me. I became more dedicated to something than I have of all time been in my life ; I became more passionate and more understanding. I do non believe merely for myself now. but for the public assistance of the both of us. I would ever see his feelings when I am about to do a determination and would even confer with him at times. These features may look simple and yet when you do it. it involves more than what meets the oculus.

We all know that in this life. nil is certain. But that does non intend that we can non see ourselves with even a small spot of stableness. I am working hard to go a female parent someday. and how much love I gave my hubby is the same or more love that I will give to my kids. They say I am immature and I have a bright hereafter in front of me. and that I tied the knot a small spot excessively shortly. But I say this. life is short. Make what makes you happy and pursue lifelong felicity with the individual that you believe can do your life seem longer. And I have found that perfect individual to make merely that.