Which Type of Wood Burns the Fastest

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Which Type of Wood Burns the Fastest

Review of Literature


The purpose of this experiment is to study which type of the woods has the fastest burn rate. My hypothesis is that Pine will burn the fastest because it is a

softer wood. For my project I am going to get 7 different types of wood, with the same length, and size and I set them on fire. Then I will measure the burn rate and the mass after they are burnt and before they are burnt. My independent variable is which wood burns the fastest. My dependent variable is the different types of wood. My constant is the size of the wood, the amount of lighter fluid, and where they are burnt. Hickory is the strongest wood, it has a hardness level of 1820. White oak wood is the second hardest wood and has a hardness of 1360. With a hardness level of 1290, Red oak is the third hardest. Walnut comes in fourth with a hardness level of 1010. Coming in fifth with a hardness level of 950, cherry comes in sixth. Sassafras is a softer wood with a hardness of 700. Pine is the softest wood with a level of 450 (Hardwoods, 2015).

White Oak Tree

The white oak tree, with the scientific name, Quercus alba, is needed for shade in many areas. The white oak tree is located in the United states and is very vital species to our forests. The “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees” says the white oak tree has been nicknamed stave oak. This is because the wood from the white oak tree is used to make barrels.. People who build ships in the time of colonials used the wood just as much. In today's day, white oak is put into many items in houses. Today we put white oak into home things like floors of homes, furniture and to build the actual house. The white oak has a range to the eastern United States. The white oak tree is very important, animals live in the trees and feed off of them. Some of the largest trees of this species measure very tall, as tall as 150 feet. The regular tree of the white oak family will grow into heights between 80 and 100 feet high. The white oaks trunk's diameter can grow up to be 4 feet and white oaks are very broad (Lindell, 2017).