White Tribe of Pakistan Essay

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White Tribe of Pakistan Essay

Kalash is that folk which is found in the tribal countries of Pakistan such as Chitral and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The first topographic point where they settled was called Tsiam. The thing which makes them different from other groups around the universe are that these are the people who were in the ground forces of the great Alexander and were left buttocks and got settled in this country. They are holding light-haired hair. bluish eyes. light tegument. and are holding medium highs. Their linguistic communication is Khowar. The linguistic communication of Kalash people is so difficult that no individual can larn it if they are non populating with them since childhood.

There are three chief festivals of Kalash people Joshi. Uchau. Caumus. What happens in Joshi is that Milk is saved before the festival milk is started salvaging before 10 yearss of the festival and on the festival twenty-four hours dairy merchandises are offer and it is celebrated at the terminal of May each twelvemonth and like this different festivals are celebrated. The thing in which I got confused was that I was reading a research paper on Kalash people and it said that while observing their festival they besides drink vino. The Kalash people are fond of music and dance.

One cogent evidence of that the Kalash people were left behind by Alexander the great was that Greeks normally left their dead’s in wooden caskets and Kalash people normally do the same thing these yearss. The topographic point where Kalash people are populating is holding the highest Polo land in the universe. The mountains are so high that no bird of Jove can wing over them. Kalash people are under assault these yearss for illustration Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) is taking a free advantage of those people to increase the touristry per centum in Pakistan. Because of this rich concern adult male have started buildings in that country by taking the land of autochthonal people.

The Kalash people live a healthy and natural live so because of this there life has started acquiring effected by these undertaking and tourers. Another job is that these people are now under menace by terrorist act because the terrorists have reached till Chitral. Second consequence on Kalash community is that when the faith box was introduced by a Pakistani General Zia-Ul-Haq the Kalash faith wasn’t stated in that at that clip so it was a job at that clip but now yearss no 1 in Pakistan follows that. Families in Kalash civilization live together they normally live with their ascendants and elder people of their household.

A folk lives together in wooden houses as you can see that in the upper image. In Kalash tribe the work is done by work forces they chiefly do farming. The people who live there their kids can’t travel to school because there are no schools in the country in which they are populating. So they chiefly help their parent in farming. angling etc. Harmonizing to the Kalash civilization their adult females are free it was stated in a book written by Wynne Maggi Our Womans are Free: Gender and Ethnicity in the HinduKush for illustration in Joshi festival adult females vocals are played and adult females normally dance and there is no job with their ascendants.

There is no 3rd gender in Kalash civilization. The faith of Kalash people is polytheism. Actually in polytheism faith the belief is in remarkable God. Many people in Kalash civilization today besides worship Sun and different things. The most of import thing which affairs to Kalash folk is money because in which country they live it has no schools. infirmaries. supermarkets. There are no supermarkets in their country so they normally eat fruits and eat meat utilizing hunting and agriculture.

Normally Kalash people are allowed get tattoos on their organic structure because they are non Muslim’s. while they are populating in Pakistan they can’t acquire a tattoo because there is no 1 who can do tattoo while life in Pakistan. Initiation ceremonies besides take topographic point in Kalash folk for illustration whenever a babe is born the male parent gives a battalion of Sweets to the whole household for illustration a bar. or other Pakistani Sweets. The frock which is chiefly worn by them is colorful and is like a gaown.