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Wiser Model


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        This is the first phase of the WISER model approach. It refers to creating awareness, a sense of urgency or a burning platform and why change is required. Some of the examples of awareness programmes are teamwork and cross-functional, problem identification, quality management system and image building. The employees need to abreast with the contemporary challenges in order for them to wake-up and do something different for the benefits of the organization. The activities which are done in this phase:

  • Identifying situation for a process change
  • Plan for process change
  • Determine the objectives and constraints
  • Identify the approach to prepare people for change

Pos Laju is our national courier that provides extensive delivery network and services that helps to fulfil the courier needs within Malaysia and beyond. It associates over 80% of populated areas across the country with its Next Day Delivery and other services. Pos Laju has the widest network coverage and the largest courier fleet in Malaysia. The delivery services are accessible to the general population, and the speed at which the items will be delivered rely on whether ‘to’ and ‘from’ postcodes fall within the service’s delivery network. The delivery network for each of our domestic parcel services is provided. Some of the products and services offered by Pos Laju inter alia are Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Time Certain Service, Pos Parcel, Pos Ekspres, Pos Laju Pack and On-Demand Pick-up. Besides it also offers value-added service to complement their products such as pick-up service, Insurance, electronic shipping tools, packaging solutions and web-based tracking under www.poslaju.com.my.

Pos Laju needs a transformation in helping them to focus on the customer centricity, increase their operational efficiency and revenue as well as their geographic diversification. Due to this, the organization has come up with a transformation of enabling the customers to send a parcel at the post offices without having the hassle to look for a parking and carrying a heavy box to the counter. This change is required because it helps Pos Laju to become a key player in the logistics sector and to cater for the market’s changing needs. They are now emphasizing on meeting the demands and needs of their customers and marketplace.

An awareness programme is needed in order to help the transformation produce a positive outcome in the future. The company is suggested to provide the employees with training sessions and seminars to give them an exposure and gain their knowledge together with their skills on the new changes that will be made in the company. Besides, a reward system need to be implemented in recognizing the good performance of the employees so that they will feel appreciated and have a sense of belonging to the company. All these will help the employees to adapt to the new changes in a more efficient and effective way to increase the performance of the individual as well as the company.

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Identification consists of recognition of important elements such as budgets, human resources, equipment and tools. These elements helps in identifying the kind of issues and problems exist in the current processes. In addition, it also helps in dealing with the mapping of the current processes and suggestions on how to improve the processes to make them efficient.




failure to follow the standard operating procedures (SOP)

  • top management who is not committed enough to the process
  • lack of clear communication
  • top management needs to show more of their commitment and its active involvement in ensuring at all times the adequacy, suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the quality of their company’s performance

Poor customer service

  • employee taking customer interactions personally which makes them to expose the negative emotions
  • giving employees too much feedback
  • customer service employee should enhance their customer service skills
  • strengthen customer interaction

Lack of efficiency

  • Poor strategy and execution
  • Poor management
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of employees in the strategic planning
  • Tightened the internal control
  •  be aware to the complaints arise from the customer and be quick in response to overcome the problem.

TABLE 1.1 Identifying the problems, causes of the problems and solutions    suggested for Pos Laju

Firstly, the problem that has been facing by Pos Laju is the failure to follow the standard operating procedures (SOP). SOP is an essential element to every organization. It is a step-by-step instructions that works as a guideline for the employees work processes. It does not matter if the written up is in numbered steps or formatted as flow charts as long as it results in an effective SOPs that are complete, clearly written and is based on the input from the employees who do the job.  When the employees are able to follow the SOP for a particular job, they are able to produce a product that is consistent and predictable. The examples of how Pos Laju has failed in following their SOP are not leaving a notice in front of the customer’s residence when there is no response of anyone to pick up the deliver. Instead of sending the parcel to the front door, the postman will usually call up to ask the customer to come down to the lobby of the apartments and condominiums to pick up their deliver.

The first reason that has caused this issue is because of the top management who is not committed enough to the process. It is the job of the top management that after deciding on the SOP Manual, they need to actually follow through and emphasize the employees’ attention on the goals and benefits of the SOP by communicating them and also able to be open to suggestions from everyone in the organization throughout the whole process. If they are not keen about it, it is impossible to expect their employees to support it. Next is on the lack of clear communication whereby the employees should be informed on the whole purpose of creating the SOP before trying to get their input. They should realize any input from them is valued either it big or small. They should feel safe to air problems experienced previously in a procedure, even if it may prove contentious.