Zuckerberg Vs Gates

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Zuckerberg Vs Gates

Management and Leadership Assignment 3

A young and very smart man who is highly passionate about programming and computers goes to Harvard University. A friend of him and himself has a product idea. At the age of around twenty the young man drops out of university to follow their business idea. It turned out that the business became very successful and many smart business decisions make his company the leading company in its field.

I am sure you have heard of this story before and you might think you know who this text is about. In fact this story is true for two of the most famous and recognised entrepreneurs on the planet: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Only that, approximately 30 years lay between their stories.

However, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg share more than just their success, career and love for programming. As it turns out Microsoft and Facebook are very similar in their development.

In Microsoft’s early years, Microsoft was known for being a very laissez-fair employer. In a little promotion clip from the early 90’s one could see the “typical day” of Microsoft employees. Next to free drinks and snacks provided by Microsoft the video showed how much room for leisure activities Microsoft gave his employees. Comparing it to promotion clips of Facebook today, the similarity is surprising. This shows that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates also shared similar values on how to lead a company. However the 30 years older Microsoft is not considered to be a top employer anymore, their values as employer are not considered to be “very modern” or innovative. Facebook’s values however are.

This article will take a closer look on the effect of the age of a company/ leader on the style in which it/he leads. The article will figure out weather companies actually change over time or if new companies are actually as innovative and modern as the perception of society is.

Therefore, we will take a closer look at Microsoft today and analyze their leadership style.

In employee reviews it shows that working at Microsoft seems to be very bureaucratic which usually limits employee’s freedom of what to do. Moreover, many employees feel very high pressure due to tight deadlines.